Delivery and Return


6.1 Packages are generally dispatched within 1-2 working days (if the products are in MICRONIX stock) of receipt of funds in the account, if delivery is by cash on delivery or if online/PayPal card payment has been authorised, and are dispatched via -a courier suggested by MICRONIX and chosen by the CUSTOMER (only couriers who pick up the products directly from the MICRONIX headquarters are accepted and there is the possibility of tracking the delivery). If you prefer delivery by another courier and/or you want other shipping conditions accepted by the courier company (example: delivery on Saturday, delivery with package opening, delivery on the same day, delivery by a certain time, etc.), an additional cost will be applicable. To find it out, please contact us directly. We do not accept delivery or receiving parcels by post!

6.2 The cost of handling the products is a minimum of RON 30 for each package, provided that it has dimensions below 40x20x20 cm (or volumetric equivalent of 0.016 m3) or weight below 2 Kg and it may vary depending on the total weight and/or dimensions of the packages and/or of special delivery conditions. We suggest that you group all of your items into one order, otherwise each order will be treated separately and separate handling/shipping charges will apply. The risks related to the delivery fall under the responsibility of the CUSTOMER at the moment he takes physical possession of the package. The boxes are generously sized and your items are well protected, but this does not exclude the possibility of damage during transit. If you receive a parcel and it shows signs of impact or damage (including resealing), it is necessary to notify the courier immediately and mention this on the receipt document, any other subsequent complaints will not be taken into account!

6.3 The general condition of delivery of the products is ExWorks (exiting the MICRONIX company building).

6.4 Complaints can be made within a maximum of 3 days from the date of receipt, any subsequent complaint not being taken into account!

6.5 The CUSTOMER has the right, within a maximum of 14 days from receiving the ordered products, to notify in writing of his decision to give up the ordered products, with the exception of those that cannot be accepted for return, according to the legislation in force (personalized products , products brought to order, etc.). Only notifications received directly on the website (in the CUSTOMER ACCOUNT), by email or letter will be considered. Products shipped for which prior notification has not been sent will not be accepted. The return can only be made by courier or personally at the company's headquarters and not by post!

6.6 Returned products must be in the same condition as when received, in the original manufacturer's packaging, with all labels intact, all accessories included and accompanied by a copy of the invoice and proof of payment. Returned products will be evaluated upon receipt and if there are any defects (other than those reported in writing upon receipt of the product by the customer), lacks, physical changes, unauthorized interventions, knocks, chips, scratches, traces of use, etc. the CUSTOMER will be informed of the cost necessary to bring the product to the condition in which it was delivered (only if it can be brought to the original condition), which cost will be deducted from the amount to be refunded!

The value of products sold through e-commerce platforms will be reduced by a minimum of RON 30 /package, representing the handling/courier expenses.

For the products accepted for return, MICRONIX has the obligation to return the value of the ordered products to the CUSTOMERS, natural persons, within 14 days of receiving and accepting them for return. The CUSTOMER will directly bear the cost of return shipping! Refunds can only be made by bank transfer or PayPal (in the case of payments made via PayPal). If the product cannot be returned to its original state (example: models), the return of the product is not accepted! Models, or any product in this category, cannot be repaired/refurbished, including the packaging in which it was delivered by the manufacturer, which is an integral part of the product!

The following products cannot be returned:

-         Products ordered by any method and picked up directly from the office (before picking up the products, a check will be made of the functioning/integrity of the products).

-         Products purchased by legal entities (companies, PFA, foundations, non-profit societies)

-         Products brought to order.

-         Products with missing or damaged manufacturer's packaging.

-         Software products or any product delivered electronically, including those with licenses or with activated configuration;

-         Products whose consumables have been unsealed;

-         Products that are configurable and have already been configured, given that the product cannot be reset;

-         Products that have been assembled and/or used, and cannot be restored to their original state;

-         Consumables;

-         Products with defects, other than those reported in writing, within a maximum of 3 days after receiving the products by courier;

-         Products that are not accompanied by a copy of the invoice.

6.7 The amount refunded following the return will be the amount that was paid by the customer, from which the cost of handling/courier expenses mentioned in the invoice will be deducted.

6.8 Products that are sealed upon delivery can be returned, but 10% of the value of the sealed product will be retained, given that the product can no longer be returned to its original state (sealed) and can no longer be sold as a new, sealed product.

6.9 For orders paid in cash, by card online or at the MICRONIX headquarters, the amount will be returned to the bank account, within 14 days of receiving and accepting the returned products.

6.10 THE TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP of the products is made only after their full payment.

6.11 MICRONIX PLUS S.R.L. may refuse to cooperate with consumers who have attempted to defraud or have defrauded the company MICRONIX PLUS S.R.L., who have abused the right to cancel the purchase, who used inappropriate language, who caused damage to the company and/or who failed to honour the financial obligations for a period longer than 30 days from the deadline provided in the agreement between the parties. Their notification will be made prior to the imposition of restrictions on the sale of products or services.